Date: November 05, 2015.

Venue: Padre Manuel Cultural Center, Estepona.

The main objective: The Transparency Law is a very important piece for democratic regeneration, which affects all public entities and that entails the need to know the regulatory development that its application entails. We cannot forget that there is no transparency without the participation of civil society. Therefore, we must address the need for information campaigns that build trust and generate credibility, overcome resistance, update filing systems and take advantage of this law to bring citizens closer to the administration, as it will undoubtedly improve relations between the two.

Specific objectives∙ To know the scope of application of the Law on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance.∙ To differentiate what Active Publicity is and what types of information it encompasses.∙ To define the limits of the right of access to information.∙ To overcome the current lack of proximity and dialogue with citizens.∙ To become familiar with the term. open government.


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