«Stretching from the mountains to the sea, it affords a beautiful hilly landscape»

Mijas lies in the heart of the Western Costa del Sol, stretching out from Sierra de Mijas to the sea in a stunning landscape of undulating hills. The old road connecting Mijas with Benalmádena is a genuine scenic route, in the shade of pines and chalets featuring delicate landscaped gardens.


The origins of Mijas date back to very early times, as attested by the archaeological evidence found in the hill where the parish church is and other sites on the outskirts. Tamisa, as it was known under the Romans, must have been an affluent city, close to the road connecting Málaga with Cádiz.

Mijas was an early Arab conquest (714 AD), falling to Adb al-Aziz, son of Ibn Musa, through a pact with the dwellers of Visigoth descent. During the riot led by Christian Umar ibn Hafsun (late ninth and early tenth centuries), Mijas belonged to the Emirate of Córdoba and then to the rebels.

Reconquered by the Christian troops after the siege of Málaga (1487 AD), Mijas was granted its charter by King Charles I, as a reward for its loyalty during the Revolt of the Comuneros. There are lots of interesting sights in Mijas: the irregular-shaped bullfight, two Mudejar churches and the peculiar shrine dedicated to the town’s patroness, Our Lady of the Rocks.

Interesting facts about Mijas

  • Avda. Virgen de la Peña, 29650. Mijas. Málaga.
  • Teléfono: 952 48 59 00
  • Fax: 952 58 90 03
  • Email: info@mijas.es
  • Alcalde: Excmo. Sr. D. José Antonio González Pérez
  • Superficie: 142.4 Km²
  • Altura: 428 m
  • Temperatura media: 17.0 °C
  • Horas de sol: 2800 horas / año
  • Precipitaciones: 660 l/m²
  • Sopas de maimones
  • cachorreñas, de ajos y gazpachuelo
  • salmorejo
  • buñuelos
  • magdalenas
  • leche frita
  • sopa de tomate y limón
  • bizcocho de huevo
  • Avda. Virgen de la Peña, 29650. Mijas. Málaga.
  • Teléfono: 952 58 90 34
  • Web: http://www.mijas.es
  • Fiestas de San Antón y romería: 17 de enero
  • Fiesta de la Virgen de la Peña: primera quincena de septiembre
  • Carromato de Max (museo de miniaturas)
  • Casa museo etnográfico
  • Casco urbano
  • Ermita del Calvario
  • Iglesia parroquial
  • Iglesia San Sebastián
  • Iglesia Santa Ana
  • Iglesias mudéjares
  • Mirador y jardines de la Muralla
  • Plaza de toros y museo taurino
  • Santuario de la Virgen de la Peña
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